Attorney Network

At Intrastate Bail Bonds your clients will be served in a prompt and professional manner. Call Bob Drake at (800) 547-2188 for more information regarding our services.

Attorneys are an important part of our business. We take great pride in providing discreet, professional and confidential service to criminal defense attorneys and their clients throughout California. We bend over backwards to meet our client’s needs. When a client of ours retains an attorney it is obvious they are serious about the resolution of their case.

With agents throughout California, we provide service at a level never before seen in the bail bond industry. Our flexible underwriting privileges allow us to offer 8% bail bonds for attorney clients and when appropriate, no-collateral bonds.

Attorney’s often ask:, "Does it really matter which bail agency I refer my clients to?" The answer to this question is, "Absolutely yes!" the company you refer is a direct reflection on you as a professional and your law firm.

The right bail agency referral will give your client the confidence and peace of mind that their attorney is looking out for their best interest. They will see that their attorney cares about their needs in a crisis situation. They will know that their attorney is always available, day or night, through their trusted bail agent. We help by reinforcing their decision to retain you as counsel for their criminal case. On the other hand, the wrong referral will leave a bad taste in your client’s mouth. Worst case scenario, your client will lose confidence in your ability to competently and professionally represent them and will go to one of your competitors. Don’t risk your legal practice – make the right referral.

In this extremely competitive world we live in, we make referrals a top priority. We know that our actions are a direct reflection on you and your business. We go the extra mile for your referred clients. We treat all clients with the utmost care, empathy and respect. We specialize in putting people at ease in stressful situations. We want to be your "go to" bail agency for today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Some additional benefits of referring to Intrastate's Bail Bonds include:

We would be honored to discuss our services at your convenience. Let us personally introduce ourselves and prove to you that your clients can be trusted with us. Please call us toll-free at 1-800-547-2188, or use our Contact Us page. Good luck on all of your upcoming cases!

NOTE:  Bail Agents referring attorney’s: First and foremost, as licensed bail agents we are prohibited by law (California Code of Regulations, Title 10, Section 2071) from recommending an attorney to our clients. Fortunately, there is no such restriction on attorney’s recommending bail bondsman to their clients.